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Qatar Visas:
Businessman Visa .. For 3 months .. Available for any qualification.. The possibility of extracting residence.

UAE Visas:
Tourist Visa .. .. Available for any qualification.. For one month and can be renewed to another one.

Kuwait Visas:
- Commercial Visit Visa .. Available for only High Qualifications.. Only for one month .. Unable to extract residency visa.. Must leave Kuwait after one month.
- Free Residence.. For one-year and two years .. Available for any Qualification.

Schengen andUSA Visas:
Available Schengen Visa including 25 European countries in addition to USA and Australia Visas ..
We also provide the following services for facilitating the obtain of Europe Invitations and Visas:
- Fill in Application
- International Health Insurance
- Booking Embassies Dates
- Available Representative for presenting and receiving passports from the Embassy.
- Flights Booking
- Hotels Booking

* GMJT also provides the opportunity to receive training courses and scholarships to European countries.

Kindly send papers and details on the following e-mail:


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